Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 2 (and 3)

 7/365  Second day off of school due to the freezing weather calls for a dance party. And a pouting sister, apparently.

 8/365  Last day as a seven year old

 9/365  Happy 8th Birthday, Charles Josef!

10/365  Friday morning, with an extra dose of sass.

11/365  Date night

12/365 The girl has no fear.

13/365  Future scientist at work:)

 14/365  We have blue jays and cardinals all. the. time. Do you think I could catch a picture of them?!? 

15/365  More snow. More puppy paw prints.

16/365  What? You don't wear Halloween socks to dance class in the middle of January?

17/365  Poor CeCe. I do love that girl in her brother's old pajamas, though.

18/365 We haven't made pasta in a long time. I am not even sure we made any last winter. Yikes! Since both kids wanted to help and gobbled up dinner, it's clear we need to make homemade noodles more often!

19/365  He really is such a good brother. Abbie started running a fever (again) after church. Medicine was followed up by a tea party and Charlie joined in to make her feel better. Love that boy.

20/365  I'm home with Abbie today. Thank goodness her fever broke and we both will be going back to school tomorrow. I'm not sure CeCe likes us being home during the week:)

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