Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magic of December

We've been busy, but in a good way. We've taken our time getting our house and our hearts ready for Christmas. It's hard to believe it's already Christmas Eve. We're spending the day cozied up inside playing games and making more ornaments. Some are for our tree, some are for loved aunties and uncles. Here's just a few pictures of our December so far...

...and here's to hoping the magic isn't over just yet...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Handmade Holiday 2011

This is my first Christmas with a sewing machine! I have really enjoyed learning on my little machine this year and I wanted to bring a little handmade to the holidays this year. Here's what is under the tree so far. 


Chef hat for Matthew to go with his kid's cookbook

Chef hat for Joey to go with the his Star Wars pancake molds and cookie cutters

Tutu for Abbie to play dress up (or wear everyday, which is probably what will happen!)

Diapers and diaper wipes to go with this quilt and pillow for Abbie and her dolls

These covered notepads are for Charlie's teacher, principal, and school secretary. I feel blessed that Charlie is in such a wonderful school that I just wanted to make them a little something. I tucked a note into the inside pocket and Charlie signed his name on the notepad. I hope they enjoy them!

I have a few more gifts to finish...hopefully I can finish them up before Santa comes!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tree Skirt: Done!

My tree skirt is finished! Actually, I have been told that these are tree pants, which I think is hilarious! I have never heard the term before, but it makes sense and is quite cute. I think I'll go with it...

The tree pants finished up quite nicely. After a few quilts under my belt, the quilting went very smoothly and quickly. I definitely would like to try free motion quilting next. There just wasn't enough time to try it out and get this beauty done in time for the holidays. There's always next time...

I hadn't planned on adding the flange, but I thought that since I was using a red binding, I should add it in order for the red border to stand out. Plus I had strips of my backing left over and I didn't want to waste a single bit of that fabric. A while back, I asked my dad if I could take some of our old sheets from the linen closet. I planned on using them to back a quilt I am making for my sister's birthday in March. Once my Flurry charm pack arrived and I saw how perfectly the blues and greens matched, I knew I had to use some of mom's old sheets for the tree pants, too. It looks great, and most importantly, it's a little bit of Mom at Christmas time. Always a good thing:)

Thank goodness for this QAL! I never would have gotten this project done this year otherwise. The tree pants are under the tree...

...and my little man has the first two presents waiting patiently for Christmas morning.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Skirt Progress

Well, I fell behind in week 4 of the Charmed Prints QAL, but I caught up this weekend. I finished the two blocks I was supposed to do during Thanksgiving week and I pieced together my quilt top.

I am very pleased with how the two remaining  feature blocks turned out, but while piecing the top together, I realized all four of my feature blocks were a bit too small! I just made some strips of the green and blue circle fabric I used in each feature block and added a border to each of them. I think it looks okay.

Here's the finished quilt top. It was easy to piece together, once I fixed my feature blocks, but somehow I got some of my strips mixed up. I meant to have the two green, blue, and red charm squares together on the bottom half in the middle. This is where I am going to cut up to the center to create the tree skirt. However, those blue squares, three rows up, not sure how they ended up together! This is definitely not how I laid out my squares! Not sure how this happened. Too much time in the sewing room, perhaps?!?! I wish I could blame it on Abbie, but she was no where near my sewing space this weekend. After ripping seams to fix my feature blocks, I was not going to undo anymore of my quilt top. I have decided to embrace the imperfections! Here's to hoping Santa will leave us plenty of presents to cover up Mama's mistakes!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craftaholics Gift Exchange

I signed up for the Holiday 2011 Handmade Gift Exchange hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous a few weeks ago. I was very excited to receive my partner (Hi Janice!) and enjoyed swapping emails these past few weeks. From the information Janice shared, I chose to sew her some goodies for her kitchen using colors and patterns I thought she might like.

I had been wanting to make a coffee cozy for a while now and thought this was the perfect time to try. I made her a matching mug rug to go with the cozy.

I hadn't planned on making any coasters to go with the mug rug, but when I saw this houndstooth at Jo-Ann's during their Thanksgiving sale, I had to nab some! Janice said she loves houndstooth!

And because she said she was a girly girl, I also tried my hand at this felt brooch in pink. I received one in the Be Embellished! brooch exchange last winter and decided that I wanted to try my hand at it. I think I definitely will be making more of these in the very near future!

The whole shebang...well, almost. I sent this out on Tuesday, but I had really wanted to make something for her little ones. Back in May, I made a bunch of crayon wallets for Abigail's birthday party and wanted to make some more. I knew I wouldn't get it done before the deadline so I sent Janice's things out first. Her youngest girls will have a colorful package in a few days time:)