Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Skirt Progress

Well, I fell behind in week 4 of the Charmed Prints QAL, but I caught up this weekend. I finished the two blocks I was supposed to do during Thanksgiving week and I pieced together my quilt top.

I am very pleased with how the two remaining  feature blocks turned out, but while piecing the top together, I realized all four of my feature blocks were a bit too small! I just made some strips of the green and blue circle fabric I used in each feature block and added a border to each of them. I think it looks okay.

Here's the finished quilt top. It was easy to piece together, once I fixed my feature blocks, but somehow I got some of my strips mixed up. I meant to have the two green, blue, and red charm squares together on the bottom half in the middle. This is where I am going to cut up to the center to create the tree skirt. However, those blue squares, three rows up, not sure how they ended up together! This is definitely not how I laid out my squares! Not sure how this happened. Too much time in the sewing room, perhaps?!?! I wish I could blame it on Abbie, but she was no where near my sewing space this weekend. After ripping seams to fix my feature blocks, I was not going to undo anymore of my quilt top. I have decided to embrace the imperfections! Here's to hoping Santa will leave us plenty of presents to cover up Mama's mistakes!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this quilt, it's so Christmas-tastic!!! Great job!!!

  2. What a cool and unique idea to turn this into a tree skirt/pants!! I can't wait to see it finished!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!