Thursday, August 25, 2011

Always Changing

It's been a bit over two years since I left my classroom behind to stay home with the two kiddos. I remember thinking, just after Abigail was born, that I should try to get into some sort of routine around the house. You know, do laundry on this day, vacuum on that day. Ha! What was I thinking? I quickly realized that, at least in our house, our routines and schedules are constantly changing.

 I've enjoyed all the planned and unplanned play dates. I've loved the freedom of last minute phone calls from friends asking to meet them for lunch. Even with Charlie in Pre-K last year, we had the luxury of having a long three day weekend whenever we chose and Ben could take off from work.

I remember nursing Abigail in the park while Charlie played. And now, she sits with him on the tire swing screaming to go higher right along side her brother. I remember wearing her in the Sleepy Wrap as I pitched the ball to Charlie. Now Charlie pitches to her as she holds the bat and tries with all her might to hit just like her brother. Most importantly, our biggest change yet, we are only days away from Charlie starting Kindergarten.

 After packing up his school supplies last night for his supply drop off this afternoon, we grilled some goodness in the form of chicken and portobello mushrooms. We made a salad with cucumbers from Auntie Beth's garden and tomatoes from ours. We ate with the wind blowing in through the windows and for the first time it really hit me. Fall is near and Charlie will spend most of his time in school and not home with me and Abigail.

 Thank goodness there were nine marshmallows left in the cupboard to roast for dessert. This mama needed to squeeze just a few more moments out of summer.

 Abigail prefers to eat hers right off the stick. No roasting required. Charles has obviously mastered the art of roasting and eating marshmallows.

 Even though it was dangerously close to eight o'clock by the time we cleaned up, it was just too beautiful to head inside. We've been putting the kids to bed early all week in hopes that next week's early-to-rise time won't come as too much of a shock. Abigail wanted to swing and Charlie wanted to play catch with Benji.

 How do you say no?

Here's to our days changing once again...

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