Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012

The end of December and pretty much all of January has flown by and was packed full of fabulous family time. I never did get too many pictures of Christmas, mostly because I waited to get great Christmas morning shots of the kids. Too bad I didn't know ahead of time that Abigail would be sick on Christmas Eve. I'm thankful I do have a cute one of the kids by the tree. And it was Christmas card worthy! Phew! Anyways, on to January!

We celebrated New Year's Eve at home again. I am loving that tradition. It just seems like the perfect thing to do when the kids are this age. Mike and Rachel came down once again, as did Brian and Gavin. Abigail enjoyed the crowns and noise makers. Shocking, I know. Charlie and his fabulous memory remembered that we play a lot of Wii on NYE, so of course, as soon as Brian and Gavin showed up, we needed to kick start the Wii-a-thon. Not much could make that boy happier:) He surprised me (but not Ben) by staying up until midnight. What a little man we have...

Speaking of that little man....he somehow turned six (6!) this month. I got his quilt finished during his birthday week and we even survived our first classroom birthday party. We took Charlie, Abigail, and 18 of his closest buddies to the bowling alley. We had to make due with some iphone pics because this mama forgot to put the card back into the camera. Good move, Mom. Good move. We survived, but not without a few beverages after the party! I think Charlie would probably say his favorite thing about his birthday (besides the presents: nerf vest, radio for his new ipod, star wars puzzle...) was going to Olive Garden. I mean, do you see that photo up there? I'm pretty sure that chocolate cake made his day...and everyone else's too!

This month also found Charlie mastering shoe tying and reading up a storm. I brought home sets 3-5 of the Bob Book series last week. I love that he is just as excited to get a new set of books as he is a new Lego set. Well. Not just as excited, but pretty darn close! Hopefully we are doing something right!

This has been pretty boy-heavy so far, but the girl has had a big month, too. We are currently tackling potty training. Abigail has been wearing undies for one week and one day! Her favorite thing about going potty is washing her hands. We have to go potty everywhere we go and I have a sneaking suspicion that it is only to find out what kind of paper towel dispenser they have. She LOVES those things! All I can do is shake my head and go along for the ride.

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