Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something new!

Well, I have been busy. Between the holidays, Charlie's birthday, and potty training the girl, I haven't been able to blog much. But, I have had time to squeeze in some crafty goodness! A friend of mine is teaching me how to crochet. What better reason to whip up a new bag to hold all my new yarn! I know it is quite small to hold some people's yarn stash, but I purposely made it this size so that I do not go out of control buying yarn! I found a free tutorial online for the bag. I didn't add the closure tab, since it is simply for yarn, but I did embellish it with this fun flower pin I made. Those could also become an obsession, if not for all the glue strings I had to pick off of it. And since my few crochet hooks (and Mom's old yarn hook) quickly became Abbie's newest drumsticks, I whipped up a hook roll as well. I used this tutorial.

Another friend of mine has been having an extremely stressful couple of weeks. Her daughter has been quite sick and she has found herself in and out of doctor's offices and making late night phone calls to urgent care. Her daughter is a such a joy and loves to play with Abbie so I figured she deserved a little something special. It has been a long time since I made a crayon wallet. After making over ten of them as favors for Abbie's rainbow birthday party last year, I did not have a desire to make another one. For Miss Grace I made an exception. I put some lovely markers in and Abbie drew her a sweet note after I took these pictures. I am happy to report that Abbie's little friend loved it.

**I'm linking up to Finish it up Friday over at crazy mom quilts and Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday**


  1. good luck with potty training! i wish you all the best in that. (ugh!)

    good for you for finishing such cute projects! that purse is very fun. thanks for linking up to finish it up friday!

  2. I keep buying yarn with the idea that I will want to knit / crochet ... maybe if I made a quilted bag it would be more appealing LOL! That marker holder is super fun!!! Good luck with the potty training!!!

  3. I've been a beginner crochet-er for several years. I really would love to actually be good at it, but I just don't give it the time. I love that you made a yarn bag! Maybe I should make a yarn bag and that would inspire me to sit down and crochet!