Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinned it, Did it!

Last month I finally gave into the time-sucking wonderful world of Pinterest. A friend of mine sent me an invite and I joined while imposing a rule that I could only pin things that I could realistically create. Well, here it is. The first thing that I actually did after pinning!

I saw these totes on V and Co and knew that they would make great gifts for the kiddos for Valentine's Day. The pinned version is way more filled in, but seeing as though I had a helper, I just wanted to get some of it done. I like the way they look, and so will the kids, which is what really matters. I may go back and add more color in, but, seeing as though I have a quilt to finish (well, to be honest, start) for my sister's birthday in a month AND I need to get crackin' on a class to renew my teaching license, this is most likely the finished product. 

And, because she loves the camera, here's my painting assistant, blueberry face and all.

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