Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 2012

April? Where did you go?

I sit here on May 2 looking at pictures of my babies from the past month. It is Mom's birthday, the eighth we have spent without her. Although I miss her dearly, looking at all of the pictures of my happy and healthy children, I know that they have the best angel looking out for them. Abigail requested we make cookies to celebrate her birthday today. Does she just want to lick the bowl? Probably! But did she melt my heart anyways? You bet! Charlie requested that he is home to help, so we will be doing that after school today. 

Now...back to April! We packed a lot of fun into it! We took advantage of awesome spring break weather. We took a tour of Miller Park and the kids loved it as much as we did! Easter activities included dying eggs, which Abigail has requested we do again several times in the past few weeks, egg hunt at church AND Grandma's farm, kite flying, and the normal run around the farm with all the cousins! That is definitely Charlie's favorite thing to do on the farm! I'm quite proud of the dress that I made Abigail for Easter. I'm even more proud that Charlie wore the matching tie I made him:) Hopefully he'll let me make him another next year...

As we head into May, our schedules seem to be filling up as the weather warms up again. We spend more time outside and really only turn on the TV to catch part of the Brewer's game. That can only mean one thing...summer is right around the corner!

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