Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Small Projects Sew Along

I've decided to participate in Amanda Jean's small projects sew along. I feel very overwhelmed right now with house projects, Charlie's school year winding up, PTO responsibilities....I thrive on making lists so the idea of making a list of small things that I can accomplish this month was very appealing! I by no means think that I will get this all finished and I am pretty sure that I will add more things to this list and that's okay.  I've crossed off the first thing on my project list, too! I took pictures of my cousin's twins on their First Communion day. I bought inexpensive photo albums and made matching covers for them. They will be shipped tomorrow along with the photos of their big day. Hope they like them!

Here's to a crafty (and maybe organized???) May!

My project list:
1. Photo albums for the twins' First Communion
2. Gift bags for Abbie's birthday
3. Dress for Abbie's birthday
4. Scooter basket for Charles
5. Purse for Amy
6. Purse for me
7. Wallet for Abbie
8. Picnic blanket
9. Reading pillow for Charles
10. Bed pillow for Abbie
11. Lanyard for male teachers at Charlie's school
12. Backpack for Nathan (for when his little sister arrives!)
13. Covers for the kitchen mixer, sewing machine, and silhouette
14. Reusable snack bags

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