Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Quilt for Sassypants

With Melissa's baby girl coming in May, I knew a girly quilt was in my future! I had been pinning away quilts that I liked on Pinterest, but I kept coming back to this one by Holly of Bijou Lovely. I love it! The simplicity of it really shows off the fabulous fabric. As luck would have it, Holly happened to ask for pattern testers for the Colorblock quilt and I was so excited when I got to be one of the lucky testers! I got the pattern on Monday of Charlie's spring break. Tuesday was spent picking out fabric and cutting out the pieces.

Wednesday was dedicated to piecing the top and backing. I quilted AND binded it on Thursday. Before I went to bed that night, the quilt got washed and dried. Wowzas! I love that Benji was home for Charlie's spring break because now I have this wonderful quilt ready to go for my niece, whom is lovingly referred to as Sassypants. 

This quilt went so fast! I probably only spent a few hours a day on it. I am by no means a fast cutter/sewer/quilter! I would say that this is a great pattern for beginners. Holly made it so easy to understand and follow. She included great tips, too, to help out new sewers. But I also think that it is a great pattern for experienced quilters because it works really quickly AND it provides great big impact. 

Now I can't wait to give it to Little Miss Sassypants herself!

**Even though this was finished up last week, I didn't get a chance to blog about it until this week! Linking up with Amanda Jean over at crazy mom quilts.**


  1. So cute Suzanne! I love the panel with the kids. lucky little girl!

  2. I saw another post today from another pattern tester who shared this same quilt on her blog. I love how the same fairly simple pattern can yield such different (but equally spectacular) quilts. I love the back you pieced, too. I used to use only solids on the back but the piecing adds so much, I love what you've done there, too. It's like having 2 quilts in one!

  3. Super cute quilt - love that pattern. I think I might get it for my newbie quilting friends.

  4. Love this quilt - you used many of my fave fabrics - especially love how you incorporated that strip of Children at Play.

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