Saturday, April 7, 2012

March 2012

March gave us our first real snow storm of 2012. I am not sure the kids have ever had to wait until March to build a snowman! Ben ended up taking the day off of work since most of the snow was slated to come in the afternoon. He picked up Charlie from school, which gave them the perfect opportunity to have a snowball fight. After dinner, well I was still eating, the kids headed out to play in the perfect packing snow. We played outside for an hour and a half. Bedtimes were not on our radar, not when we had to wait until March for our first big snow!

March also brought big birthday celebrations. We celebrated Auntie Jen's birthday first. We made her a quilt that we backed with one of mom's old bed sheets. The kids were proud of the fact that they helped me quilt it. Truth be told, so was I! I made her some Irish cupcake bombs for the party. It was my second "Pinned it, did it" and I will be making them again. Obviously from Abigail's cupcake face up there, I made a kid friendly version that were equally as yummy.

Ben's birthday was next. We wanted to go to a pizza place in Milton that we had never tried, as it has been named one of the best 50 pizzas in the USA. They were closed on his birthday, however, and we went to Olive Garden instead. We came home for mile high strawberry pie for dessert. The next week we planned on going to Georgio's with Mike and Rachel (who also celebrated a big birthday this month), but it turned out that only the boys got to go. Abigail and I spent that night in the doctor's office and learned that she had pneumonia. Poor girl. Cross your fingers, but it finally looks as though that awful cough has left our house! With all these birthdays this month, Abigail has been left waiting ever so patiently for her third birthday...

And if this winter hasn't been odd enough, having to wait until March for a real good snow, we hit 80 degrees last week! The kids spent a week in dresses and shorts and playing outside well after dinner. The heatwave has ended, but we still cannot complain with 50 and 60 degree days at the end of March. Charlie started his spring break in this kind of weather. Not a bad spring break in Wisconsin, since it is usually raining or snowing. Feeling quite blessed in this house, we couldn't ask for much more!

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