Friday, April 20, 2012

Pixie's Revisited

Our dear friends Jesse and Liz are bringing their baby girl Sophie home from Washington D.C. to be baptized this weekend. I am so excited to meet their sweet little one! Back in September I made Sophie this quilt and I was so glad that their family loved it. I wanted to make something special for Sophie for her special day tomorrow so of course I dug into my scraps for more pixies! 

I ended up making a prayer pillow after reading this post. Instead of adding a prayer right onto the pillow cover, I decided to add a small pocket to the back where the family can tuck prayers inside. It was the first time I embroidered anything so I am very pleased with the outcome! I am definitely going to try my hand at it again, too. Today after school, Charlie is going to write a short "God Bless Sophie" note to tuck inside the pocket. I can't wait to give it to Sophie...along with some smooches, of course.

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